Thursday, 9 August 2012


The weather gets cold here and there but the truth is summer is very
much near.That said we need to prepare our wardrobes for this time of
the year starting with our hair.

One of this year's biggest trends is the,hair accessories ,head wraps,
scarfs, ribbons if you dare in a mature ,stylish ,creative way
ofcourse(which takes me back to when i was a kid,my mom used to tie up
two to three ribbons in my hair,i'm not talking about long hair
here,i'm talking about short afro hair,she pinched it right from the
root 'till those ribbons were stuck on my hair...I looked cute though
:-D)Ok fast forward to now and the matter at hand,start looking out
for scarfs ,colourful ,bold prints,monochromatic you name it,head
wraps,head bands,accessorize your hair!!!

Wear scarfs in which ever way feels comfortable and you can't go wrong
with a fresh flower.May the images above inspire you.

Happy shopping and Happy SUMMER! :-)

[Images: squidoo;fashionsup;enostyle;sheknows; thebudgetfashionista]

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