Thursday, 16 August 2012


I'm back after a few days of absence,was caught up in the holiday mode
:-),no worries though i'm back in full swing with the CREATIVELY

A truely inspired wedding dress from this year's China Fashion
Week,makes it in the collection.I don't know about you but i love the
dress,the creativity behind it is what takes me,if i'm to be a bride
in a fantasy play? Game on!! As far as wearing it on my wedding
day?.....not really.

From the Exoskeleton Collection by Janina Alleyne comes a shoe i'm
still debating weather i would wear it or not.......,made out of
exoskeletons of marine invertebrates of fantasy creatures,one word and
one word only,INSPIRED!!! and the verdict?no i wouldn't wear it
strictly for the runway ,maybe a themed music vedio and it makes a
nice mantle piece.

Being a huge fan of statement pieces i looove this bag.The beading
,the details.....amazing work and yes that i can surely have on my

[Images; onewed; visualnews; kaboodle]

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