Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Victoria Beckham’s 6 Fall Wardrobe Essentials: glamour.com

Victoria Beckham’s 6 Fall Wardrobe Essentials: glamour.com

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Bright colours are making their way back into our wardrobes as we
head into summer. Summer dresses? a MUST have, and they are not only
in bright bold colours but in prints aswell as the 2012 trendy styles.

Speaking of which, neon colour is one of the 2012 trends,and if you
are going to be rocking a neon coloured dress be sure to not team it
up with one too many neon accessories.
Maxi dresses are an all time summer dress that really never grows
old.Its feminine and elegant and that one summer piece you should
never be caught without,so ladies do right by yourselves as i am and
purchase your maxi.Team it up with flat shoes ,belts and chunky

Short, long, colour blocks,prints, bright bold colours, flower themed
dresses ,take your pick and what you prefer and indulge your summer
with a dress or two :-)
Happy Shopping!!!

[Images:fashionsup; fashionaddictive]

Monday, 20 August 2012


"Even as a young boy, my passion was to design, and I have been very lucky
to be able to do what I have loved all my life. There can be few greater
gifts than that."


[Image: greenoble]

Thursday, 16 August 2012


I'm back after a few days of absence,was caught up in the holiday mode
:-),no worries though i'm back in full swing with the CREATIVELY

A truely inspired wedding dress from this year's China Fashion
Week,makes it in the collection.I don't know about you but i love the
dress,the creativity behind it is what takes me,if i'm to be a bride
in a fantasy play? Game on!! As far as wearing it on my wedding
day?.....not really.

From the Exoskeleton Collection by Janina Alleyne comes a shoe i'm
still debating weather i would wear it or not.......,made out of
exoskeletons of marine invertebrates of fantasy creatures,one word and
one word only,INSPIRED!!! and the verdict?no i wouldn't wear it
strictly for the runway ,maybe a themed music vedio and it makes a
nice mantle piece.

Being a huge fan of statement pieces i looove this bag.The beading
,the details.....amazing work and yes that i can surely have on my

[Images; onewed; visualnews; kaboodle]

Friday, 10 August 2012

Thursday, 9 August 2012


The weather gets cold here and there but the truth is summer is very
much near.That said we need to prepare our wardrobes for this time of
the year starting with our hair.

One of this year's biggest trends is the,hair accessories ,head wraps,
scarfs, ribbons if you dare in a mature ,stylish ,creative way
ofcourse(which takes me back to when i was a kid,my mom used to tie up
two to three ribbons in my hair,i'm not talking about long hair
here,i'm talking about short afro hair,she pinched it right from the
root 'till those ribbons were stuck on my hair...I looked cute though
:-D)Ok fast forward to now and the matter at hand,start looking out
for scarfs ,colourful ,bold prints,monochromatic you name it,head
wraps,head bands,accessorize your hair!!!

Wear scarfs in which ever way feels comfortable and you can't go wrong
with a fresh flower.May the images above inspire you.

Happy shopping and Happy SUMMER! :-)

[Images: squidoo;fashionsup;enostyle;sheknows; thebudgetfashionista]

Monday, 6 August 2012


"Actually Iam very glad that people can buy Armani - even if its a
fake. I like the fact that i'm so popular around the world."


[Image: starscolor]

Thursday, 2 August 2012


All things creative nomatter how bizzare at times, I have an enormous
appreciation for it.The amount of creativity and vision that would
have been placed in a piece of work is quite inspiring hence the birth

Paper heels by a French, accessory and graphic designer,Mathieu
Missian, caught my eye.I wouldn't be suprised at all that the only
thing stopping anyone from wearing them is because they are made of
paper. ;-)

I love the origami dress designed by Adriana, though its not something
I would wear, i do know one person on the face of the earth who would,
LADY GAGA!!! and some daring souls out there.

As for the handbag? need I say more.... ;-)

[Image: toxel] [Image:pixel77] [Image:design inspiration]