Monday, 20 May 2013


If i say that i love eyeliner that would be a lie, but i do like it (
once in a while). As we all know there are different types of eyeliner
from pencil, wax/wax based and liquid, i'm yet to try out liquid eye
liner, but in my search for a more defined eyeliner i came across wax
eye liner.

Its been a definate answer to my prayers except for just one thing
SMUDGING. I really hate it when all of a sudden later in the day i
start to look like a racoon.

I shyed away from it until i found a SOLUTION and one that actually
works...FACE POWDER.
Now i'm not a face powder fan but its coming in handy for this
specific purpose.I only apply it on the eye area were i want to apply
my eye liner.In my research i've found that if you apply concealer
first then the foundation it stays in one place but in my own personal
experience aslong as i apply my basic cream then the foundation it
still stays in place.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Most people would be familiar with the word PUNK from attitude to music and then there is PUNK FASHION! Basically it is clothing, jewelry, hair styles influenced by the punk subculture. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaulitier have used punk elements in their designs.

A few days ago punk fashion was celebrated at the 2013 Met Gala which is the 'Oscars' version for designers. Hollywood celebrities, were dressed according to the theme for this year, which was PUNK: From Chaos to Couture and my personal  favourite was Anne Hathaway, who was in a 1992 vintage Valentino dress, i must say she is quite a stunning blonde, don't you think so?

Celebs did go all out in glam in the name of punk and it was indeed from chaos to couture considering the history of punk. Now wouldn't it be cool if we get to see YOUR side of punk fashion (this would be you reading ;-) )

[Images: popstyle; usatoday]

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Men's fashion trends for 2013 are saying YES to bright colours,which i must say a few men embrace them very well unless if i stand to be corrected. Hues such as yellow are putting their stamp on men's wardrobes for 2013 and a particular trend doing the same is the cropped pants, very summer/spring and fresh. In my own a opinion a men who wears cropped pants is simply shouting "I am a very confident man" ;-). Wonder what you guys and girls think.

Not so sure if i would date a guy in this particular ensemble but a bright colour with saaaay.... blue jeans ain't so bad (and yes blue cropped jeans) ;-)

Happy shopping fellas!:-)

[Image; paperblog]

Monday, 11 March 2013


Woow its been a while since i last blogged, had taken a bit of a break, but i'm back in full swing. :-)

Street chic is the name of the game and this shot took my eye. The colour the prints all shout fun and adventurous and such is street chic. These ensembles are all very cute and my favourite are the print jacket and the gladiator heels.

Bold colours, prints and fun accessories are always a joy to mix though i'm pretty sure someone out there would beg to differ ;-)

Be inspired happy shopping! :-)

[Image; harpersbazzar]

Monday, 4 February 2013


In the name of street chic, I fell in love with this street chic look, from
Vogue Paris Editor Geraldine Saglio. In white skinny cropped jeans, a
muscle blouse and black pumps with a matching belt, she STOLE MY FASHION

TIP: Its always a good idea to match your belt with your shoes ;-)

[Image; lamodellamafia]

Sunday, 27 January 2013

CAUGHT IN THE SAME DRESS: Kelly Rowland and Ashanti

Someone definatley wore it better and Miss Kelly Rowland's version of
this pink ruffled dress by Marchesa, stands out the most in my case.
Ashanti did pull it off yes But...

I still prefer Kelly's version... and Ashanti had worn the dress
first at a different red carpet event. Guess someone figured they can
wear it better. ;-)

[Image; _]

Sunday, 6 January 2013


My first CREATIVELY INSPIRED post for 2013 is on nail art.Runway inspired
nail art from the Nanette-Lepore-Spring-2012 Collection.When you are
feeling stripey (if there is such a word) lady love, that's for you and of
course there is the bold ones too.This one doesn't call for the brave its
not too eye popping its for those fun, daring and well...stripey days, I
would try it on, on those days in particular! :-)

Happy nail painting!

[Image; huffingtonpost]

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


'Out with the OLD and in with the NEW', they say, not so easy in fashion,
its 'evolve with the old attached to the new '(if that makes sense at all
but it is what it is).2013 trends are not too faraway from the 2012 fashion
trends and be that as it may,the Spring-Summer 2013 Runway from Proenza
Schouler made a splash of ANIMAL PATCHWORK PRINTS one of this year's trends
to look out for.

I'm not really into prints the only statement fashion i'm crazy about is
statement jewelery,but i do admit to taking a liking to the whole print
thing,(will be designing something print inspired for myself) :-)

A leopard print patchwork belt long sleeve casual outerwear coat is
inspiring this edgey Street Chic look on the pic below.A little something
to inspire our very own wardrobes!

Happy Shopping :-)

[Images; fabsugar aliexpress]