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It Seems All the Cool Girls Wear Sneakers With Dresses. Is It a Style Do or Don’t?: Dressed:


Men's fashion trends for 2013 are saying YES to bright colours,which i must say a few men embrace them very well unless if i stand to be corrected. Hues such as yellow are putting their stamp on men's wardrobes for 2013 and a particular trend doing the same is the cropped pants, very summer/spring and fresh. In my own a opinion a men who wears cropped pants is simply shouting "I am a very confident man" ;-). Wonder what you guys and girls think.Not so sure if i would date a guy in this particular ensemble but a bright colour with saaaay.... blue jeans ain't so bad (and yes blue cropped jeans) ;-)Happy shopping fellas!:-)[Image; paperblog]


Woow its been a while since i last blogged, had taken a bit of a break, but i'm back in full swing. :-)Street chic is the name of the game and this shot took my eye. The colour the prints all shout fun and adventurous and such is street chic. These ensembles are all very cute and my favourite are the print jacket and the gladiator heels.Bold colours, prints and fun accessories are always a joy to mix though i'm pretty sure someone out there would beg to differ ;-)Be inspired happy shopping! :-)[Image; harpersbazzar]