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Ashley Greene in DKNY Fall 2012 campaign.

DKNY has once again made actress Ashley Greene their face for DKNY
Fall 2012.Images for the campaign were shot in different locations in
New York under the brand's theme for fall "Life in the city"

[Images: Peter Lindbergh]


JEANS the most versatile item in anyone's wardrobe.Worn with killer
heels for a sexy look,cropped up with some flats for a simple out door
look, you just can never go wrong with Jeans!.......Never?.....No yes
you can go wrong with jeans.
Follow trends and ignore your body shape and you pretty much have the
perfect ingredients to go wrong.
Now i'm not saying don't follow trends but do so wisely which is why
you need to know what looks best on your body. We are all not born the
same and don't have the same body shapes,but we certainly can cater
for what we've got,Anyone can look stunning in jeans you just have to
know which jeans to die for and which jeans to dodge to have the best

To have just that and more....(psss.. that would be an overflowing
cup of compliments ;-)),observe these simple points whenever you go
buy yourself a pair of jeans.

- Petite women, dark coloured boot cut jeans look amazing on you,
slim fits are perfect!
-Bootcut/wide flare jeans are…


"A woman's dress should be like a barbed wire fence; serving its
purpose without obstructing the veiw" - SOPHIA LOREN

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Confession: I Think I’m a Nail Polish Hoarder. Am I Alone Here?:

Something to make you take a closer look at yourself and see if you are over spending on something uncessary,when you could clearly do better in other departments. :-)Confession: I Think I’m a Nail Polish Hoarder. Am I Alone Here?:

#MONDAY QOUTES:Karl Lagerfeld

"Only the minute and the future are interesting in exists
to be destroyed.If everybody did everything with respect,you'd go
nowhere" -Karl Lagerfeld

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BEWARE OF THE MANNEQUIN : know your body!

The mannequin, also known as 'manny' ,is truely one of our best
friends.'Manny' is such a darling he/she helps you shop from a
distance when you don't have time to do some serious window
shopping.On that note I here by certify 'manny' as one of our best
friends for this duty (and braving the fashion designer's needles in
the studio,just for you....sigh)

But in a lapse of concetration and excitement of seeing something you
like on 'manny',automatically he/she becomes a potential enemy.Check
yourself,check 'manny', check yourself again, check 'manny'
again......if you share the same body image with 'manny' bless you ,if
you don't ,take a step back,no take two instead,LIKING SOMETHING DOES

Like all you want,love it if you may,daydream about knocking them dead
at a party,but what ever you do,do not be misled with 'manny' or more
importantly YOUR SENSES ,dress for your body …

How to Turn Baggy Jeans Into Tight Jeans


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they
remember the woman" - COCO CHANEL

Be inspired :-)



No its not just a neckline and No its not just a design.It is also
specifically made to compliment and amplify your features (for all the
right reasons of course).The power of the neckline is quite under
estimated,when we wear the wrong necklines for our bodies,we can look
unbalanced, put the wrong features under a spot light and do
absolutley nothing for ourselves.I know at times we can not help it
but put on clothes with necklines that don't do much for us,but when
we CAN help it please do take the following into consideration.

. V-necks or plunging necklines soften broad shoulders and will draw
attention away from the shoulders.
V-necks can also make a short neck appear longer and also suitable for
busty women.
The v-neck is also the most versatile of necklines,it suits most women.

.Turtle neck and boat neck suit women with long necks and long
faces,they also happen to hide a double chin.
On that note happy shopping :-)

Tricks for Perfect DIY Nail Art

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DIY nail art just for you,yes you !;-)Original message Tricks for Perfect DIY Nail ArtbyThe NailasaurusThis manicure was a bit-by-bit creation. By that, I mean I picked my base color and painted it on, then I picked up my Scotch tape and just kept adding! This is the fastest Scotch tape mani I've ever made thanks to Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat, which really does dry wickedly fast. See a close-up of my cool mani here. I've switched topcoats recently after a couple bottles of my favorite one turned out to be really runny and not very hard-drying. I was waking up every morning with sheet and hair marks all over my nails! I'm really hoping it's just a bad batch and they haven't changed the formula.I used Rimmel quick-dry nail polish in Grey Matter as a base and Cult Nails in Vicious and My Kind of Kool Aid for…