Thursday, 7 June 2012


No its not just a neckline and No its not just a design.It is also
specifically made to compliment and amplify your features (for all the
right reasons of course).The power of the neckline is quite under
estimated,when we wear the wrong necklines for our bodies,we can look
unbalanced, put the wrong features under a spot light and do
absolutley nothing for ourselves.I know at times we can not help it
but put on clothes with necklines that don't do much for us,but when
we CAN help it please do take the following into consideration.

. V-necks or plunging necklines soften broad shoulders and will draw
attention away from the shoulders.
V-necks can also make a short neck appear longer and also suitable for
busty women.
The v-neck is also the most versatile of necklines,it suits most women.

.Turtle neck and boat neck suit women with long necks and long
faces,they also happen to hide a double chin.
On that note happy shopping :-)

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