Wednesday, 13 June 2012

BEWARE OF THE MANNEQUIN : know your body!

The mannequin, also known as 'manny' ,is truely one of our best
friends.'Manny' is such a darling he/she helps you shop from a
distance when you don't have time to do some serious window
shopping.On that note I here by certify 'manny' as one of our best
friends for this duty (and braving the fashion designer's needles in
the studio,just for you....sigh)

But in a lapse of concetration and excitement of seeing something you
like on 'manny',automatically he/she becomes a potential enemy.Check
yourself,check 'manny', check yourself again, check 'manny'
again......if you share the same body image with 'manny' bless you ,if
you don't ,take a step back,no take two instead,LIKING SOMETHING DOES

Like all you want,love it if you may,daydream about knocking them dead
at a party,but what ever you do,do not be misled with 'manny' or more
importantly YOUR SENSES ,dress for your body type!

A lot of people make that mistake they don't dress,for their bodies
but according to if they like it on 'manny' or someone else.
From today make it a point to take a closer look at yourself know the
dimensions of your body,know which body class or type you fall under,
know what looks good on YOUR BODY!'Manny' does a great job letting you
know whats out there you maintain that relation by saying thank you
I'll look for that dress, jeans... in not only my size, colour, but
body type aswell.

Happy shopping :-)

[Image : flickr]

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