JEANS the most versatile item in anyone's wardrobe.Worn with killer
heels for a sexy look,cropped up with some flats for a simple out door
look, you just can never go wrong with Jeans!.......Never?.....No yes
you can go wrong with jeans.
Follow trends and ignore your body shape and you pretty much have the
perfect ingredients to go wrong.
Now i'm not saying don't follow trends but do so wisely which is why
you need to know what looks best on your body. We are all not born the
same and don't have the same body shapes,but we certainly can cater
for what we've got,Anyone can look stunning in jeans you just have to
know which jeans to die for and which jeans to dodge to have the best

To have just that and more....(psss.. that would be an overflowing
cup of compliments ;-)),observe these simple points whenever you go
buy yourself a pair of jeans.

- Petite women, dark coloured boot cut jeans look amazing on you,
slim fits are perfect!
-Bootcut/wide flare jeans are perfect for women with hips,they balance
out large hips.
-Straight leg jeans are quite versatile,they suit almost every body
shape.When worn with heels they can give the 'long leg' look.
- Skinny Jeans are also quiet versatile .
-Boy shaped women should wear jeans with pocket details,they create an
illusion of curves.Wide flare jeans will look great only if they are
fitted around the knees to avoid a baggy look.
-Women with big bottoms if they are looking to minimize ,should go for
large pockets behind with less detail.
Apart from all this SIZE matters to avoid 'spilling' out of your jeans
and wearing way too baggy jeans which is sooooo unattractive.

Happy shopping :-)

[Image: Magxone]


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