2012... 2012.. In a couple days we will be saying GOOD BYE! But we will surely remember you for the amazing fashion trends you certainly came along with.As we all know fashion doesn't just VANISH from the face of the earth but EVOLVES as the years and decades go by so will be seeing most of these trends as we make our way into 2013!

Inspired I made a collage to give tribute to some of 2012's trends such as the prints, the wedges, colour  blocking  and head wraps.In my own opinion prints made more noise compared to the rest of the other trends, THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! From shoes to dresses (short and long) pants, shorts, jackets... I can go on and on but simply put.. PRINTS RULED! And my personal favourite look was the short printed dress with a belt on the waist,rocked in either flats or heels, in other words its versatile.

Looking forward to more fashion and trends in 2013! :-D

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