I loooooove, Awards shows especially the red carpet moments.2012 obviously
had those and my oh my, even my best dressed lady on this year's red carpet
came as a bit of a shock to me.... well sort of (wink).I came up with my
own list of 2012's top 3 best dressed ladies and worst dressed from the
Oscar Awards, Grammies and other Awards in between.

Starting with the good stuff; My first place goes to Kelly Rowland i don't
know about you but at this year's Grammy Awards she stunned me I had no
idea she had it in her to pull off the GRAND "ball" look she was absolutely
divine in Alberta Ferretti.I'm definately looking forward to 2013 Grammies
to see what she will do to follow up that look. EXCELLENT !Bravo Miss Kelly!

My second place and contender of first is the beautiful Sofia Vergara.She
always looks amazing,she knows her body and knows how to dress it(YOU
SHOULD TO..if you don't ), but the Emmy Awards very much belonged to her.In
Zuhair Murad dress, she killed the red carpet!(Applause)

Third went to the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez at the Oscar Awards in
another Zuhair Murad creation, despite the almost but didn't happen stage
wardrobe scare, she takes my third place crown.

Now to end with the worst, I have to say the first time I set my eyes on
Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Golden Globes in that Monique Lhuillier gown I
have had a couple of "nightmares" of that dress attacking me, because it
was just that... A GIANT BLUE MONSTER.Designer dress or not that was simply
unacceptable.I guess that was the typical moment of when UGLY CLOTHES
HAPPEN TO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.May that be the lesson to you all my beautiful
awesome readers and followers,MAY BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES HAPPEN TO YOU!!!


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