Monday, 20 May 2013


If i say that i love eyeliner that would be a lie, but i do like it (
once in a while). As we all know there are different types of eyeliner
from pencil, wax/wax based and liquid, i'm yet to try out liquid eye
liner, but in my search for a more defined eyeliner i came across wax
eye liner.

Its been a definate answer to my prayers except for just one thing
SMUDGING. I really hate it when all of a sudden later in the day i
start to look like a racoon.

I shyed away from it until i found a SOLUTION and one that actually
works...FACE POWDER.
Now i'm not a face powder fan but its coming in handy for this
specific purpose.I only apply it on the eye area were i want to apply
my eye liner.In my research i've found that if you apply concealer
first then the foundation it stays in one place but in my own personal
experience aslong as i apply my basic cream then the foundation it
still stays in place.

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