Tuesday, 1 January 2013


'Out with the OLD and in with the NEW', they say, not so easy in fashion,
its 'evolve with the old attached to the new '(if that makes sense at all
but it is what it is).2013 trends are not too faraway from the 2012 fashion
trends and be that as it may,the Spring-Summer 2013 Runway from Proenza
Schouler made a splash of ANIMAL PATCHWORK PRINTS one of this year's trends
to look out for.

I'm not really into prints the only statement fashion i'm crazy about is
statement jewelery,but i do admit to taking a liking to the whole print
thing,(will be designing something print inspired for myself) :-)

A leopard print patchwork belt long sleeve casual outerwear coat is
inspiring this edgey Street Chic look on the pic below.A little something
to inspire our very own wardrobes!

Happy Shopping :-)

[Images; fabsugar aliexpress]

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