FASHION MIS-LED: "When the right dress is worn with the wrong bra" and VICE-VERSA

The sight of a bra sticking out at the back of a halter-neck and strapless
dress or top, is not only distracting, but its very much
UNACCEPTABLE, those clothes are designed that way for reason.

A good friend of mine brought this to light and i have seen ENOUGH of it. The
number of women and young ladies engaging in this "trend", what ever it is,
is growing and i am sick to my stomach of a beautiful garment being
destroyed by an UNDER GARMENT all because the wearer has been mis-informed
that it is ok. ITS NOT OKAY, it is a big NO NO!!!

Ladies please, KNOW THIS, nomatter how lovely and beautiful your apparel
is, at the end of the day our conversation will not be based on, how
amazing you looked it will sound more like; "the dress was nice but that
BRA! if only she had done something about the bra she WAS going to look
stunning". Don't be astonished when the compliments don't come as you had
hoped, our eyes where glued on the bra not the dress.

Sigh.... Enough said, correcting this "error" is quite easy, we have
halter-neck, strapless and backless bras, to look hot and "stand out" for
all the right reasons.DO RIGHT BY YOURSELVES LADIES!

Happy Shopping :-)


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