I come from a family dominated by men,i have three brothers and i
happen to be the youngest and the only girl.Most of my friends are
males and I went to art school were the majority if not 2/3 were in
actual fact boys.So its only natural that I cater "for the boys"/men.

In this part of my blog i will present the dudes an opportunity to
update their wardrobes, get a couple of tips and get to know what the
rest of the men are up to around the world.Ladies you can use this
platform to get to know your men and possibly get gift ideas etc.

I am not going to shout from the roof tops that i know everything
about men but I will do what i can and be there for my boys so,to
start with, here are some images to inspire your wardrobe,the 2012
college style suit with the one button,and some casual apparel.

TIP: One of the qualities that a men's suit should have especially in
these modern times is to aspire to have MASCULANITY ,by that it means
, the cut should compliment the male physique should broaden
shoulders and trim the waist.It is also important that you feel

[Images: aliexpress; fashionmentrends]


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