Tuesday, 29 May 2012


My latest purchase is these beautiful statement earrings, I love so
much.I am a big fan of statement pieces.Its that one dramatic piece
that can make an ensemble look amazing but only when you understand
how to wear them right.

Thing about statement pieces is they do just that make a statement,
they truely achieve this when you dress them with complimentary
clothing, simple, monochromatic clothes.They not only compliment but
make it standout, that said stay away from conflicting dramatic
clothes they do no justice to the piece itself and you.Unless of
course you want to risk looking like a complete misguided fashion
mess, be my guest .;-)

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I have a pair of heels I just do not put on,at all.I can not walk with
them,it is suicide if I decide to do so on a slippery floor.I
discovered that they have a smooth sole thats why they are so
uncomfortable.Apart from that I did not buy them myself,which gets us
to this tip:
- When you buy heels walk around in them before purchasing them,you
can make a better ruling on if you can walk in them or not.
-Other things to consider are,making sure the heels have proper
cushioning right under the ball of the feet,if not get some shoe
inserts/liners for more comfort,because we put weight there when in
heels that alone can make a great looking pair uncomfortable.
Open toe, round toe,wedges and not wearing heels everday,can make
'heeling it up' a bearable and fun experince.

Enjoy your heels and happy shoe shopping. :-)

Friday, 11 May 2012

COMFY HEELS :"spot & love being in them" PART 1

When i just couldn't take it anymore,i took my heels off and walked
with my barefeet.I'm sure most women can relate when that great pair
of heels,gives you so much grief.
Heels will never be 100% comfortable but these tips can help you find
something close to that:
-make sure your shoes are wide enough for your feet {staying away from
"last pair that doesn't fit but you really want it" delights,can save
you a lot of pain ;-)}
-heels with chunky heels can also do the trick
-there should be a grainy appearance at the sole of the shoe,smooth
sole shoes don't have much traction

Happy shoe shopping!! :-)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

STREET-STYLE: Out door chic

Outdoor events demand outdoor chic,and these ladies definatley know
how to put their best streetchic on.You really can never go wrong
with cropped jeans,teamed up with a white -tee, a 'cute' jacket and
matching pumps and clutch purse, and monochromatic boots with a
summer halter-neck dress are the best buddies.If you were not too sure
about what to wear next time time you are at an outdoorsy
event...take a cue,now won't you ;-)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Is there something missing in your wardrobe?Dare i say,it better not
be a cardigan jersey."THE" most wanted(by wardrobe) accessory and
clothing item any man or woman should just not be caught without.it
can make a 'maybe' ensemble into a 'HELL YEAH' look.If u don't have
one i bet your wardrobe is sniffling right now ,comfort it will you;-)